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2019 Presentation Information

Specific Content for Presentations

  1. Please specifically address the following in your talk: research findings to date, progress over the last year, goals for the coming year or conclusions/findings and future direction.
  2. Please limit the number of slides to 1 per minute so that you won't exceed your stated time limit.
  3. NETWORK Grantees and Co-Investigators will be allocated 30 minutes TOTAL for their presentation.
    • Please speak no longer than 20 minutes and allow 10 minutes at the end of your allotted time for a few questions and discussion specific to your topic.
  4. START-UP and FELLOWSHIP Grantees will be allocated 15 minutes TOTAL for their presentations.
    • Please speak no longer than 10 minutes and allow 5 minutes at the end of your allotted time for a few questions and discussion specific to your topic.
    • The presentation should be articulated clearly and concisely and should be engaging for the audience. We suggest that you practice with your mentors and get guidance and final approval from them, as the oral presentation will impact your overall review from the LLHF SAB and Board.
    • If this is your final presentation, please include a "summary" slide that encapsulates your LLHF project and discusses your future plans.  Please make sure to include bullet points that address the following: 1) where you are going, 2) any active research grants/projects that you are currently working on, 3) any pending grants/funding, 4) any published papers, 5) any awards/honors, etc.

Please keep in mind that it is not necessary to give an exhaustive discussion on your research project. Focus on a few key points or significant findings that will be important to or of interest to the audience, and allow the Moderator or audience members to ask about the issues they want to hear more about.

Technical Requirements and AV Information for Presentations

  1. An AV technician from Five Star Audio Visual will be present in the Monterey Bay Ballroom at 7:00 am on Monday, October 28th & Tuesday, October 29th to upload your file and to review the presentation procedure with you.  
  2. For continuity, ALL presentations will be loaded onto one central laptop. NO personal laptops will be used during the presentations. (AV will be able to accommodate either your PC or your Mac file format).
  3. Please bring your presentation to the AV tech via flash drive well in advance of your scheduled presentation time. Make sure to allow ample time to check your presentation once it is uploaded.
  4. Please create 1 single file for your presentation. 
  5. If you are a Network Grantee with additional presentations from your Co-Investigators, please make sure that the ENTIRE presentation is ONE file. It is the responsibility of the Network P.I. to collaborate with your team to create a single presentation file for the meeting.
  6. The title of the file should be the name of the LLHF Grantee/Principle Investigator.  
  7. Please DO NOT include any specialized fonts, embedded video/movies or sound in your presentation. We will NOT make an exception to use your personal laptop so that you can play movies.

Please Note: We do not want you to lose your opportunity to present your research to our SAB and Board of Directors; therefore, we would appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines. 

If you have any questions please contact us.

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