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Network Grant LOI Instructions


These instructions are for the 2020 funding cycle.

Network Grant Parameters
Funding Areas Diabetes or Aging
Maximum Funding $300,000 per year
Duration of the Award Four (4) years, subject to annual Foundation approval; thereafter, renewable only by new competitive application
Maximum Allowable Indirect Costs 10%, included in the total grant
LOI Deadline
January 29, 2021
Full Application Deadline
August 27, 2021
Anticipated Start Date January 1, 2022


Application Cover Page

Complete the LLHF Grant Application Cover Page using the instructions that are provided for your reference. Please note: for the LOI only, the institutional signature is *not* required for the LLHF Cover Page; only the PI's signature is required.

Requirements of the Principal Investigator for the LOI

  1. Summary of Proposal in Lay Terms (1 page maximum): Provide a summary for reviewers not trained in science, describing the network, the backgrounds of its participants and its goals and the objectives that you hope to accomplish.
  2. Compatibility to LLHF Goals (1 page maximum): Clearly elucidate how the research proposal fits within the funding areas identified by the Foundation. Specifically state how the proposed research project meets the grant criteria as listed on our website.
  3. Preliminary Data/Research Plan (4 page maximum): Please outline how this network would operate and differ from a conventional grant application.  Describe the stated research methods and statistical analysis. Explain how this network would foster training and integration of participants in the network. Explain how this plan is complimentary but distinct from the work currently funded to the participating investigators. Please review detailed Network grant criteria on our website.
  4. Program Description/Area of Research Interest (1 page maximum).
  5. Cited References (2 page maximum): Include in full, all authors and publication titles in the order they appear in the application.
  6. Qualifications of Network Participants: For each please include name, position title, full address and role in project (maximum of 5 key personnel).
  7. Qualifications of the Organization/Facilities (1 page maximum): Please describe the organization and infrastructure.
  8. Published Papers: Please add up to 10 PDF files of published papers (do not include papers in review or not yet published) by the participants in the network. The PDF files of the published papers must be submitted via our website in the publications folder of "your grant" area and should not be included in the body of the grant application. The published papers should be submitted by the publication title of the paper.
  9. Budget Requirements (3 page maximum): Please provide an estimated budget and budget justification, using LLHF Budget Forms and instructions (please use the budget instructions only as a guide; at this stage, the form is simply required in order to provide our Review Board with an estimated budget and outline of how the funds will be allocated). The Network Grant can seek support in the following categories: (1) Personnel costs, which are restricted to those named and justified in the budget; (2) Cross-training of network personnel; (3) Operation of the research project, including project administration (4) Purchase of supplies and equipment for the conduct of the proposed research; (5) Travel expenses, which shall include mandatory attendance at the Annual Hillblom Foundation Scientific Meeting.

Formatting Requirements (consistent with NIH PHS 398 Guidelines)

  1. Font
    1. Use an Arial, Helvetica, Palatino Linotype or Georgia typeface and a font size of 11 points or larger. (A symbol font may be used to insert Greek letters or special characters; the font size requirement still applies.)
    2. Type density, including characters and spaces, must be no more than 15 characters per inch.
    3. Type may be no more than six lines per inch.
    4. Use black ink that can be clearly copied.
    5. Print must be clear and legible.
  2. Page Margins
    1. Use standard size (8 1⁄2” x 11”) sheets of paper.
    2. Use at least one-half inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) for all pages, including continuation pages.
  3. Application Paging
    1. The application must be single-sided and single-spaced.
    2. Consecutively number pages throughout the application.
    3. Do not use suffixes (e.g., 5a, 5b).
    4. Do not include unnumbered pages.
  4. Figures, Graphs, Diagrams, Charts, Tables, Figure Legends, and Footnotes
    1. You may use a smaller type size but it must be in black ink, readily legible, and follow the font typeface requirement.

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