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Start-Up Grants

Start-Up Grant Parameters
Funding Areas Diabetes or Aging
Maximum Funding $70,000 per year
Host Institution Funding $30,000 per year
Duration of the Award Up to three (3) years, subject to annual Foundation approval, non-renewable
Maximum Allowable Indirect Costs 10% ($7,000), included in the total grant
Application Deadline
January 29, 2021
Anticipated Start Date July 1, 2021


The Hillblom Foundation offers grants to qualified researchers to initiate independent research careers in one of the two areas of stated interest to the Hillblom Foundation.

Grant Making Procedures

The Start-Up Grant shall be made directly to and administered by the office of contracts and grants at the applicant’s Institution, which shall be responsible for the expenditure of the grant funds. Annual renewal of a Start-Up Grant shall be subject to the Foundation’s approval.

Expectations of the Host Institution

The host institution will provide a faculty appointment (ordinarily at the Assistant Professor level) to the applicant. The applicant will be provided with an office, administrative support, research space and required core facilities to support the proposed work. The host institution is required to provide a minimum of $30,000 to match the $70,000 annual grant from the Foundation so that the total grant shall be $100,000 per year. The Institution will limit teaching and/or clinical practice requirements to no more than one day per week. The Institution salary contribution will be made independent of clinical practice revenue.

Expectations of the Investigator

Investigators must be highly promising based on performance during training and have shown promise that they are ready to make the transition to independent investigation. Preference will be given to applicants that have not held a faculty position or equivalent for more than one year. The investigator must demonstrate that they have a research plan that is distinct from the work of their mentors’ program, is important and is achievable. The investigator will be asked to identify planned research milestones. The investigator must indicate how core facilities at the Institution are sufficient to allow completion of the proposed studies within the proposed budget. The principal investigator will be required to submit an annual report to the host institution and the Foundation (submitted electronically via the LLHF Grant Management System). Additionally, the investigator will be required to attend the Annual Hillblom Scientific Meeting to give a presentation on the findings of their research to date. The annual renewal of any Start-Up Grant for the three year time period will be contingent upon a satisfactory annual report and presentation at this forum. Renewal / non-renewal decisions by the Board of Directors of the Hillblom Foundation are final and not subject to appeal or review.

Grant Restrictions

In awarding Hillblom Start-Up Grants, preference will be given to applicants able to devote at least 80% of their research effort in Year 1 of the grant to the project described in the application and those whose first year of funding from non-Hillblom sources will not interfere with that 80% commitment.

Furthermore, preference will be given to applicants whose effort is devoted principally, if not exclusively, to the project proposed for funding.  Additional support will be considered for a similar project (providing there is disclosure to the other funding entity) but not for one that is completely distinct and for which the applicant has committed significant effort.  Consideration will be given as to what other research commitments have been made and what other funds are available to support the project.

Extramural funding is encouraged in Year 2 and Year 3 to foster independence and growth of the Investigator. Year 2 and Year 3 require 80% of the Investigator’s time dedicated to research and at least 20% effort and salary from the Hillblom Foundation Start-Up Grant. 

Applicants who have held a faculty position for more than 3 years prior to the application date are not eligible for this grant.

Research Costs

Personnel costs are restricted to those named and justified in the budget with a maximum of $25,000 per year for supplies, a maximum of $5,000 per year for equipment and a maximum of $2,500 per year on travel (including the Annual Hillblom Foundation Scientific Meeting).


All publications and presentations related to the Hillblom Grant should cite support by the Hillblom Foundation.

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