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Access the links below for a brief summary of the projects submitted by our research scientists in the Aging funding category.
Title Grant Title
Abstract 2018-A-028-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Ekaterina Korotkevich, PhD - Evolution of Mitochondrial Genome in Mouse Skeletal Muscle Fibers
Abstract 2012-A-016-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - John Newman, MD, PhD - Health and lifespan effects of histone deacetylase inhibition by ketone bodies
Abstract 2012-A-015-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Jennifer Yokoyama, PhD - Novel ways to predict successful and abnormal aging of the brain: The role of compound genetic risk.
Abstract 2012-A-007-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSD - Chengbiao Wu, PhD - Exploring a Role of HSP90 in Neuroprotection of Axonal Function
Abstract 2012-A-007-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCLA - Rebecca Nelson, PhD - Investigation of cylindrin as a candidate structure for toxic amyloid oligomers
Abstract 2012-A-003-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - Buck Institute - Arvind Ramanathan, PhD - Metabolic basis of environmental stress signaling in skeletal muscle
Abstract 2008-A-023-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - The Palo Alto Institute - Kurt Lucin, PhD - The Effect of Beclin 1 on Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's Disease and Aging
Abstract 2008-A-022-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Dror Sagi, PhD - An Engineering Approach to Increase Lifespan
Abstract 2008-A-021-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Rachel Nosheny, PhD - Cholinergic terminal structure and function in Down syndrome
Abstract 2008-A-020-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Katherine Possin, PhD - Early Markers and Brain Bases of Spatial Impairment in Alpha-synuclein Disorders
Abstract 2008-A-008-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UC Irvine - Carrie Peltz, PhD - The Examination of Cognitively Impaired but Not Demented Oldest-Old
Abstract 2008-A-005-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCLA - Zhefeng Guo, PhD - Solid-supported EPR: A Novel Approach to Study Beta-Amyloid Structures
Abstract 2008-A-004-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSD - Subhojit Roy, MD, PhD - Axonal Transport Deficits and Therapeutic Avenues in Alzheimer’s Disease
Abstract 2008-A-001-CTR - Abstract Center - UCSF - Cynthia Kenyon, PhD (current Hao Li, PhD) - Larry L. Hillblom Center for the Biology of Aging
Abstract 2007-A-039-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Yelena Budovskaya, PhD - Transcriptional Circuit for Aging in C.elegans
Abstract 2007-A-038-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Geoffrey Kerchner, MD, PhD - Shuffling AMPA Receptors: TARPs and Synaptic Plasticity
Abstract 2007-A-033-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Hong Xu, PhD - Genetic Dissection of Mitochondrial Calcium Signaling in Neurodegeneration
Abstract 2007-A-029-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - The Gladstone Institute - Jing-Yi Huang, PhD - Regulation of GST Protein Function by Reversible Acetylation: Role of SIRT3
Abstract 2007-A-027-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - John Price, PhD - A Mechanistic Study of Infectious Proteins
Abstract 2007-A-026-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Huidy Shu, MD, PhD - Analysis of Frontotemporal Dementia Genes in Drosophila
Abstract 2007-A-025-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Quasar Padiath, PhD - Elucidating of the Mechanism of Lamin B1 Dependent Adult Onset Demyelination
Abstract 2007-A-024-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - The Gladstone Institute - Gaia Skibinski, PhD - Investigating Mutant LRRK2 Toxicity in an In Vitro Neuronal Model
Abstract 2007-A-019-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Della David, PhD - The Role of Protein Aggregation in Normal Aging and Neurodegeneration
Abstract 2007-A-014-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - Stanford University - Isabella Graef, MD - Borrowing Endogenous Protein Surfaces to Inhibit Pathogenic Protein Interactions
Abstract 2007-A-012-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Yuriy Kirichok, PhD - Molecular Mechanisms Governing Mitochondrial Calcium Uptake
Abstract 2007-A-011-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Victor Valcour, MD - Cognitive Health and Brain Vulnerability in Aging Insulin Resistant Patients
Abstract 2007-A-010-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Doug Gould, PhD - Determining Allelic Differences and Cellular Mechanisms in a Novel Model of AMD
Abstract 2007-A-008-NET - Abstract Network - UCSF - Stanley Prusiner, MD - Diagnosis and Treatment of Age-Dependent Neurodegeneration
Abstract 2007-A-007-NET - Abstract Network - UCSD - Laura L. Dugan, MD - Mapping the Redox Biology of Aging
Abstract 2007-A-003-NET - Abstract Network - UCSB - Kenneth Kosik, MD - The Pathobiology of Tau Inclusions
Abstract 2006/2o - Abstract Start-Up - The Buck Institute - Xianmin Zeng, PhD - The roles of Nurr1 and Pitx3 in dopaminergic differentiation of hESC
Abstract 2006/2Y - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Xiao Liu, PhD - Analysis of gene expression of aging in C. elegans
Abstract 2006/2T - Abstract Fellowship - The Gladstone Institute - Vicente Sancenon, PhD - High-throughput screens in yeast to identify therapies for Parkinson’s disease
Abstract 2006/2Ln - Abstract Network - UCLA - S. Thomas Carmichael, MD, PhD - The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation Network for Neural Repair After Str
Abstract 2006/2In - Abstract Network - UCSF - Bruce Miller, MD - A Hillblom Network Program for the Pre-Clinical Identification of Dementia
Abstract 2006/2Hn - Abstract Network - UCSD - William Mobley, MD, PhD - Exploring The Link Between Increased APP And Neurodegeneration in Down Syndrome
Abstract 2006/2Gn - Abstract Network - UC Irvine - Charles G. Glabe, PhD - Interaction of amyloid oligomers with membranes: pathogenesis and therapeutics.
Abstract 2006/2Fn - Abstract Network - The Buck Institute - Gordon J. Lithgow, PhD - Chemical Biology of Aging
Abstract 2005/2Y - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Ke Zhan, PhD - Pathogenetic Mechanisms in Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease
Abstract 2005/2U - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Ken Nakamura, MD, PhD - The Real Time Analysis of Synuclein Multimers in Live Cells
Abstract 2005/2T - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - William W. Seeley, MD - Anterior Cingulate, Insular and Frontoinsular Vulnerability in FTLD and AD
Abstract 2005/2F - Abstract Start-Up - UCLA - Linda Ercoli, PhD - Plaque and Tangle PET Imaging in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Abstract 2005/2BB - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Serge Dumoulin, PhD - Cortical Plasticity and Reading in Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Abstract 2004/2S - Abstract Fellowship - The Buck Institute - David Madden, PhD - Mechanism of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-induced Cell Death
Abstract 2004/2P - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Aimee Kao, MD, PhD - Alpha-synuclein Expression and Aging in C. elegans
Abstract 2004/2O - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Peichuan Zhang, PhD - Mechanistic Investigation of Aging and Age-related Neurodegeneration in C. elegans
Abstract 2004/2H - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Montserrat Arrasate, PhD - Longitudinal Analysis to Study PolyQ-dependent Death Mechanisms in Specific Neuronal Subpopulations
Abstract 2002/3G - Abstract Fellowship - UCSD - Magdalena Chechlacz, PhD - The Molecular Basis of Human Mental Retardation
Abstract 2002/3F - Abstract Clinical - UCSF - Jonathan C. Horton, MD, PhD - Neural Mechanisms of Strabismus
Abstract 2002/3E - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Steven P. Miller, MD.CM.FRCP(C) - Brain Injury and Development in Newborns with Congenital Heart Disease
Abstract 2002/3C - Abstract Network - Stanford University - William Mobley, MD, PhD - Synaptic Structure and Function in Down Syndrome
Abstract 2002/2O - Abstract Clinical Research - UCLA - Bruce Dobkin, MD - Recovery of Walking in Older Persons After Stroke
Abstract 2002/2J - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Katherine Rankin, PhD - Neuroanatomy of Behavior Changes in Dementia
Abstract 2002/2F - Abstract Network - UCSF - Bruce Miller, MD - A Hillblom Network Program for the Pre-Clinical Identification of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Age-Related Dementias
Abstract 2001/2H - Abstract Fellowship - UCLA - Linda Ercoli, PhD - A Comprehensive Biomedical Model for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease
Abstract 2001/2C - Abstract Network - UC Irvine - Charles Glabe, PhD - Interaction of Amyloid Aß and a-synuclein with Membranes - Implications for their Pathogenesis in Alzheimer's and Pa...

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