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Guidelines and Tips for Creating PDF Format Documents

The LLHF recognizes that not all grant applicants will have the same experience with creating electronic documents in Adobe PDF format. Because all grant applications must be submitted using this format, we have compiled this set of guidelines and tips to help applicants who may be less familiar with the process.

Using Adobe Acrobat to Create PDF Documents

The main approach is to purchase and install the "full" version of the Adobe Acrobat software (the free Acrobat Reader program does not allow you to create new PDF documents).

Once you have the Adobe Acrobat program installed, there are three main ways to "convert" a document on your computer to a PDF file.

  1. You can print the document using the "Adobe PDF" printer that will have been created on your computer when you installed the software.
  2. You can most likely find a "new" toolbar button that converts the currently open file (in Office Products) to Adobe PDF.
  3. You can run the Adobe Acrobat product and select "Create PDF->From File" from the file menu.

Unless you have created your grant application as a single word document (combining all the LLHF form templates with the other required sections of the application) you will end up converting multiple source documents into multiple PDF formatted documents. The next step will be combining these documents into a single PDF file.

Combining Multiple PDF Documents into a Single PDF File

If you are using the current version of Adobe Acrobat (X), you can use the "Create PDF From Multiple Files" command on the file menu to automatically combine multiple files into one. This method is described in the tutorial here.

Minimizing the Size of your Adobe Acrobat Created Application File

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your PDF file is a small as possible. A smaller file is easier for you to submit online, easier to store in the Grant Application Management Portal, and easier for members of the medical review board and board of directors to download and review. There is a tutorial for using Adobe Acrobat X to reduce PDF file size available here.

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